TFG offers a rigorous, fair and professional selection and interview process.  Successful candidates can expect to undergo a thorough screening and competency-based interview process, and depending on the role, followed by assessments and further interviews.

A typical recruitment process from applying for a position to receiving an offer can vary and is dependent on the role; however an estimate of 1-2 months should be expected.

Once you apply to a position, you will receive an e-mail notification confirming receipt of your application and resume, make sure to keep regular tabs on your email inbox for any further communication from us.

If you do not see your ideal next opportunity, simply register your candidate profile with us. The candidate profile provides us with a summary of your skills and experience and enters you into our applicant database. When a position becomes available that matches your criteria, you will receive an e-mail notification and can then easily apply for the position.

It is very important that you apply for these roles through our online application process.  We do not accept emailed CV's as we require you to complete a few short questions on our online application form as part of the application process.  This additional information helps both yourself and TFG to determine if there is an appropriate match between yourself and the role offered.

Applications can be made online via our careers website. In order to apply for a vacancy you must register and set up a Candidate Profile. This will enable you to apply directly for any vacancy we advertise. You can find all vacancies through our job search function or set up job alerts to inform you of any new vacancies in your areas of interest.

TFG offers a competitive salary and attractive benefits package which varies according to the specific location and role.

Depending on the store, some of our vacancies are advertised online. You will be able to view these by clicking the vacancies tab at the top of this page.

Alternatively, follow the links to the career pages of the TFG brands as they may also advertise vacancies in stores. You will find the link to these career pages by clicking on the respective brand logos at the bottom of this page.

Please use the “Forgot your user name?” or “Forgot your password?” links from the log in page.  Go to the 'vacancies' page of this site, and click on the "view vacancies available" button. Then click on the "sign-in" button (top right corner) to access the log in page.


At TFG, we believe that every day presents a new opportunity to do good and give back to our communities, By supporting our local entrepreneurs and encouraging skills development, we give them the best change to reach their full potential. Its about working together to create a better, brighter and more sustainable future for all.

Yes, we do offer a study assistance course that is in line with your current job or your career path. Assistance is granted in the form of a loan that would need to be paid back over a certain period of time.

Only if you are studying towards an IT–related qualification. We will then assist you with the necessary information to apply for a work permit.

Within 2 weeks you will receive an e-mail/telephone call.

Tips & Guidelines

CV Writing
Use spell check to avoid spelling errors

Make sure your contact information is correct – you want us to be able to reach you!

Before the Interview
Research TFG and visit our online sites.

Read the job description and understand the duties, skills and abilities required for the job.


First Impression
Maintain eye contact and smile!

Be confident, introduce yourself, maintain eye contact and show interest in everyone involved in the interview.

Graduate FAQs


We love candidates who go the extra mile and talk passionately about retail and TFG. Do some research on TFG and our brands, current local and global retail trends and whatever info you can find on our financial performance or relevant news in the media.

We know that you are awesome on all levels but if you meet with us, you need to let us see just HOW awesome you are! Prepare yourself emotionally as well as intellectually. It's never as intense in practice and being prepared will help you avoid becoming overwhelmed. Focus on your strengths and be aware of your developmental areas. Be prepared to provide examples of situations where you have demonstrated various skills. Speak to yourself in the mirror, speak to your friends and get them to rate you as a candidate.

One of the key focus areas of the graduate program is the development of technical expertise within a specific field. Therefore we do not necessarily expect you to have the technical skills that are required to be successful in the role – this will be built over time during your development program. In order to build expertise in your role and achieve the goals of the development program you will need to display a high level of personal leadership. This means that you must be able to:

  • communicate effectively and present your ideas in a professional manner,
  • work with people,
  • network and build relationships,
  • adapt to change,
  • plan and organise your activities in line with your professional goals,
  • demonstrate commercial thinking, and
  • understand and demonstrate TFG’s values

As the graduate program is a full-time program, we prefer that all applicant are graduates or in their final year of study.

Yes, as long as you meet the job requirements.

As a responsible South African corporation, we have a responsibility to identify South Africans who could fill roles in our organisation; however positions are not exclusively for South Africans.

The available roles within the graduate program are advertised every year, mostly during the second semester. You can view current vacancies by clicking on the vacancies tab in the top navigation bar of this site.

Some helpful advice